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Vincent Mark Law acts on behalf of clients in the two major areas of Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Our world class team of highly professional and experienced lawyers always goes the extra mile to understand our clients’ needs and based on this, provides excellent legal representation and personalized solutions specially crafted to fit each client’s needs. Our goal always is to ensure that we hand-hold and treat each client peculiarly and differently from all others. For our team of lawyers in Real Estate, no two clients are the same no matter how similar the transactions are.

Residential Real Estate

Our office represents clients in every aspect of purchasing, selling or leasing a home. We also help clients with every form of real estate transaction disputes, negotiations, drafting contracts and agreements as well as refinancing requirements. Our typical process flow results from fully understanding the legal undertones in the client’s residential real estate transaction and then we provide solutions and answers that ultimately achieve the objectives of the client.

Commercial Real Estate

In this area, we strive to work with landlords, businesses, companies, commercial entities and property developers towards achieving their goals in the highly complicated area of commercial real estate. When you engage our office for legal representation even in the most sophisticated commercial real estate transactions, you can rest assured that our lawyers will provide you with competent and workable legal advice, representation and solutions that ultimately lead to the desired result for you as our esteemed client.

Other Areas of Real Estate

We also represent clients in Commercial and Residential Mortgages and Refinancing schemes. Additionally, we help clients with Sale/Purchase Agreements & Contracts, Co-Ownerships, Conveyancing Packages, Buying & Selling (new and resale) Sub-divisions, Property Developments, Equipment Leasing/Subleasing, Mortgage of Leases as well as Modifications, Registration and Surrender of Leases.

For all of the above, please call us today at 778-379-9353 or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.

This is the practice area in which our office is reputed for the level of personalised service rendered to clients. Our team of Family, Matrimonial & Divorce Lawyers apply their best inter-personal skills to listen carefully, understand and fully appreciate the client’s story-line. On the background of what the lawyer has heard, the client receives first our empathy and then the highest form of professional attention and legal advice possible in the circumstances.

Our clients can rest assured that after the open and transparent interaction between the client and our lawyers, only and only the best interest of the client determines the solution to be applied or recommended. Ultimately, the client leaves our office with the best range of legal solutions that are workable and very cost effective.

Our lawyers handle client matters in all areas of Family, Matrimonial & Divorce matters including but not limited to the following:

  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Uncontested /Contested Divorce
  • Common Law Relationships
  • Separation
  • Parenting & Guardianship
  • Division of Assets & Debts
  • Marriage Agreements ie Pre-Nups
  • Adoption
  • Emergency Protection Orders
  • Child Abandonment & Abuse
  • Child Abduction

Notably, the scope and frontiers of Family Law & Relationships have continued to grow as both Parliament/Legislatures and Courts alike have not shied away from exceeding the traditional boundaries hitherto attributed to family law. For this reason, family law matters have correspondingly continued to be highly contentious and occasionally the correct state of the law tends to be confusing to many including well-skilled lawyers. It is in this direction that Vincent Mark Law Office has been investing time and resources towards keeping abreast with the most current state of the law in this area.

Our office will be willing to have an initial and free telephone chat with you. Please call us at 778-379-9353. You may also call or e-mail us today to arrange an appointment with one of our lawyers at

Planning ahead for the short, medium to long term especially for the way people desire their affairs to be handled in their absence can be quite challenging to many and occasionally boring to others. The law relating to wills, trusts and estate planning provide only the general guidelines. These provisions are fraught with technicalities for which clients inevitably need the help of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to overcome. It is very important therefore that clients start by choosing the right and competent lawyer in the areas of planning ahead. Differently we also provide legal services on business succession planning and corporate estate management..

Vincent Mark Law Office brings a mix of legal and corporate business experience to provide the best legal advice for clients in the complex scheme of ensuring that the client’s true and genuine wishes are identified, captured and expressed within the boundaries of the law. More importantly, we also support the client’s executors every inch of the procedural path towards protecting, preserving and distributing the client’s family assets in line with the expressed intents of the departed client.

Our team of lawyers represent clients in the following areas under Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning:

  • Creation & Perfection of Family Trusts including Spousal Trusts, Alter Ego Trusts, General Family Trusts. These transactions are completed for tax efficiency and in perpetuity for future generations.
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Representation Agreements for medical decisions
  • Contested and litigated wills and testaments.
  • Probates
  • Appointments

You may schedule an appointment to consult one of our lawyers by calling 778-379-9353 or e-mail us at

Our lawyers are highly versatile in handling Personal Injuries and Tort matters. Legal claims by clients under this heading can arise in a variety of ways including Assault and Battery, Negligence, False Imprisonment, Construction Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Insurance Claims, Defamation – Slander & Libel, Negligent or Intentional Infliction of Mental Suffering, Professional Malpractice and the Invasion of Privacy etc.

In deserving cases, we represent our clients in the Small Claims Court, the Supreme Court of British Columbia as well as the BC Court of Appeal. In every circumstance, we first evaluate your claims and then we deploy our expertise to ensure that your interest is fully protected.

Call us today at 778-379-9353 or send us e-mail at for consultation and evaluation of your claim.

Similar to every sovereign country, Canada has a set of laws and policies that govern the admission of foreign nationals into Canada as well as the rights, responsibilities and privileges accorded to such persons once they enter Canada including of course the conditions for their removal should this become necessary.

The immigration laws and policies for Canada are shaped and influenced by some internal factors - family class and reunification, skill class or economic class migration etc and other external factors - adherence to international and multi-lateral treaties to which Canada is a signatory as well as ordinary humanitarian conventions and customs common to most nations.

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Laws and Policies are continuously evolving in response to changes that occur in the global arena. For this reason, it can be occasionally challenging and technical for those who do not have a complete grasp of the frequently changing policies to handle immigration matters either for themselves or on behalf of others.

At Vincent Mark Law Office, we devote a lot of professional time and resources to master the most current state of the law and policies as pronounced by the Canadian government authorities in the area of Immigration & Refugee Protection. Our team of Lawyers are well equipped and experienced to offer legal services and represent clients in these areas of immigration:

  • All categories of Visitor Visa Applications
  • Student Visa Applications & School Admissions
  • Permanent Residency Applications including Skilled Worker Class, Family Class, Provincial Nominee and Canadian Experience Class applications
  • Removal & Deportation Orders
  • Refugee Applications – which can be processed by our office on behalf of clients once they arrive Canada by Land, Sea or Air.

In every immigration case, our office will first review each client’s case and then provide advice and representation that best protects the interest of the client. For our clients, we will ensure end-to-end representation by handholding the client from applications to approval and where necessary, we will represent the client before the Tribunals and Courts.

You may call us today on 778-379-9353 or send us e-mail on for consultation and evaluation of your circumstances or those of your loved ones who wish to enter or immigrate to Canada.

At Vincent Mark Law Office, we have global experience with regard to Corporate & Commercial Law which includes the following areas of practice:

  • Formation of Corporations
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Amalgamations & Combinations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Start-ups
  • Taxation
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational Complaints
  • Anti-Corruption/Money Laundering
  • Takeovers
  • Franchises
  • Liquidations
  • Boardroom Codes of Conduct
  • Employment Law
  • Organizational Behaviours
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Financial Institutions & Negotiable Instruments
  • Bankruptcies

Some of our Lawyers worked in Corporate and Commercial entities around the world and accordingly have practical experience dealing with both legal and non-legal challenges. It is this sort of diversity that we will deploy in every situation where we need to protect your interest in every aspect of Corporate and Commercial practice.

Shouldn’t you call or send us an e-mail today at 778-379-9353 or to ask and receive answers to your legal concerns in the area of Corporate & Commercial Practice.

Our Law Office is licensed as Notaries and Commissioners for Oaths. This license is valid throughout British Columbia, all other Provinces and Territories in Canada as well as the rest of the world. As Notaries, we certify documents as true copies, witness and verify signatures, authenticate and formally recognize otherwise non-official documents etc. As Commissioners for Oaths, our office is fully licensed to administer oaths and verify declarations.

Some documents are legally required to be notarized in order for them to have formal authentication. These include – a document that gifts out immovable property, certain gifts of movable properties, pledges and hypothecation of immovable properties, marriage contracts or contracts of civil unions, oath documents, affidavits, declarations, acknowledgements, affirmations, certificates verifying documents as true copies, applications for certain government documents (including international passports, travel documents, permanent resident cards) renunciations of trusts etc.

Most documents that are meant for use abroad may also be verified and authenticated at our offices by our team of lawyers. Why don’t you contact us today by phone at 778-379-9353 or e-mail us at for inquiry regarding Notary and Commissioning services.

This is the area of the law that prohibits certain conducts considered inimical and harmful to the public. It also statutorily imposes punishment for the prohibited conducts. Whether a crime has or has not been committed in a given set of circumstances is totally a question decided by the courts on very clear legal proceedings. Thus, the popular and hallowed principle in criminal law is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Based on this and also the fact that criminal statutes and laws including criminal proceedings in courts of law are typically highly technical, clients should never treat lightly any accusation or even veiled accusations of criminal conducts.

If therefore you are or have reason to believe that you are being accused of a crime or may be so accused or even the fact or witnessing a crime or indeed any form of confrontation with the government in relation to conducts that may likely be considered as criminal, please promptly contact us so that we can evaluate the situation including the set of facts after which we will provide you with the legal advice that best protects your interests and rights to liberty and security of the person. Never attempt to take on the criminal process yourself.

You may call us today at 778-379-9353 or send us e-mail at to evaluate and ask questions regarding a possible criminal situation.

This is the body of laws and policies that regulate government, quasi-government, administrative and quasi-judicial actions, inactions and conducts. Under this umbrella falls all the levels of government, Ministers, departments, organs, boards, administrative tribunals, commissions and most programs including housing that receive public or tax payer’s funding. This area of the law also covers Human Rights and cases of Discriminations as well as Privacy matters.

Vincent Mark Law Office will listen to your story in any given set of circumstances and then work with you towards favorably resolving any wrong doings, decisions and findings against you. The goal always is to fully protect and where necessary, advance your rights and claims. If required, we will also represent you before the administrative tribunals, appellate tribunals, the Superior Courts and the Appellate Court. Please call us today at 778-379-9353 or send us e-mail at to consult and evaluate your fact situation.

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