About Us

About Us

Vincent Mark Law Corp was founded as a Credible, Client-Centered, Dependable and Highly Professional Law Firm to serve and meet a diversity of legal needs for clients in the City of Burnaby, the Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver Area and all parts of British Columbia.

Our services also extend beyond British Columbia based on the working synergies we have established with carefully selected Lawyers and Law Firms in Ontario and Alberta.

Overall, our Lawyers are highly skilled and well qualified to serve clients across the rest of Canadian Provinces and Territories as well as many other international jurisdictions. Globally, Vincent Mark Law Office is renowned as an Innovative and Pace-setting law firm of choice for many clients as we constantly seek for new ways of serving our clients at considerably lower cost. Our innovative capability is why we are Tomorrow’s Lawyers, Today!

From inception, our Office and Lawyers have been providing legal services to individuals, professionals, businesses, families and organizations in a wide range of Practice Areas including Real Estate, Family & Matrimonial, Wills & Estate Planning, Immigration, Personal Injury, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Civil Litigations and Notary & Commissioning Services among others.

The vision of Vincent Mark Law Corp is to be a Credible, Dependable, Highly Reputable and Innovative law office that will continuously seek for new and cost effective ways of serving clients resulting to the least expense to our clients. Innovation is therefore at the heart of our practice while our core values are founded on Professionalism, Empathy, Excellence and Equity.

The mission of Vincent Mark Law Corp which is the reason for our establishment is expressed in the fact that we are very Passionate about serving our clients with Total Commitment, World Class Professionalism and Guaranteed Excellent Delivery of best possible results. We truly believe that these professional commitments will in every situation lead us to achieve the legitimate objectives of our clients.

Vincent Mark Law Corp has the following as its start-up and foundational objectives:

(a) We are established as a law firm whose primary goal is consistently centered on clients and the office shall at all times aim to exceed client objectives. We seek at every stage to understand our clients and their needs and then working to meet those needs.

(b) We are the law firm of choice for clients in our areas of practice and particularly we shall ensure 100 percent repeat patronage. Clients will always choose us based on our premier excellent customer service.

(c) We shall always seek new and innovative ways of serving clients at the least inconvenience and lowest possible cost. We promise a world class customer experience while we are strongly positioned as a low cost service organization ultimately passing the cost savings to clients.

(d) We shall always be compliant with all Rules, By-laws and Professional requirements governing practitioners in all jurisdictions we practice. Strong corporate governance and ethics will therefore be our watchword.

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